EU type approval

As of January 2022 all Oniar trailers are available with EU whole-vehicle type-approval allowing Oniar trailers to be registered for use on public roads. The type approval is recognized by all EU member states and most of its neighbouring countries which accept this regulation.

The EU regulation 167/2013 establishes a set of rules on safety and environmetal protection for forestry and other agricultural vehicles. The regulation provides harmonized technical standards for the construction of towable vehicles and general requirements for obtaining type approval.

The maximum allowed driving speed on public roads is 30 km/h. To fullfil type approval requirements, the trailer must be equipped with either 2 wheel or 4 wheel hydraulic or pneumatic brake system, rear- and sidelights, reflectors and specific size wheels. Double line hydraulic system and double line pneumatic system Oniar trailers are suitable for most common tractor models sold in Europe.

Trailers are divided into 4 different groups based on cross section of loading area and frame profile. Type approval is available to all possible brake combinations with and without driving system. From trailers technical information it is possible to find each group specific gross weight table. It presents maximum allowed gross weight on public roads depending on the number of brakes, position of driving motors (front and/or rear axle) and the size of wheels intended for trailer.