About Us

Oniar was established in 2003. Manufacturing is located in Estonia, Märjamaa. Since 2007 we are specialized in manufacturing agricultural- and forestry equipment. In 2015, after many years of development, we launched to the markets new generation forestry cranes and trailers.

Oniar cranes and trailers are intended to be used with agricultural tractors. From our product range it is possible to find suitable machine for hobby as well for professional user. All cranes and trailers are designed and manufactured in Estonia.

Current colour combination has been in use since 2015 when we started with new generation. Since then we have been constantly developing and improving our product range. In developing our products we take into account customers feedback and consider different working condition where our products are being used daily. We are also working with expanding the selection of additional equipment for more versatile use of our products.

To improve and maintain our products qualitiy we are constantly investing in renewing our manufacturing line. Outside of Estonia it is possible to see Oniar products at our official representatives in different countries accross Europe.